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Poker Glossary B

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Babies - small cards usually those with values less than 6

Bad Beat - when a hand is lost with a hand that usually would win the pot,( many online mulitplayer poker sites have bad beat bonuses, the bonus is often more than what the player would have won with the hand)

Backdoor making a hand you weren't playing for, eg. You play for a full house but make a flush

Bankroll - the amount of money a player is willing to put at risk in a game

A Beer hand is known as one of the worst stating hand.

A Belly buster has been commonly also known as a gutshot.

Bet - money put into the pot as

Bicycle- an A-2-3-4-5 holding in a lowball game also know as Wheel

Big Blind - the larger of the blind bets contributed to the pot, before any cards are dealt

The starting hand containing an ace and king is known as Big slick. While the starting hand of seven and two is called bird on a stick. Similarly, the starting hand with an ace and a jack is known as blackjack.

Blank - a useless card to a hand

Blind - a player who must make an opening bet before any cards are dealt

Bluff - a bet with a weak hand, usually trying to get the others players to fold without playing to a showdown where it is likely the hand would lose.

Board - the cards seen by all the players, the community cards in the center of the table or in a players hand in a game like stud poker

A full house can also be called a boat or a full Boat.

A card is called a Brick when it doesn’t help any of the players.

Bring it in - the card that must force the action on the first round of betting

The best straight possible includes a ten, jack, queen, king and ace. This hand is known as a Broadway. Alternatively, a pair of fours is known as a Bucket.

A Broken player is one that has lost a lot of money of a period of an evening.

Bullets - a pair of aces in the hole

Burn a Card - removal to the top card of a deck by the dealer the card is removed and kept out of play

Button - a disk that is used to show who is the theoretical dealer, in online poker it looks like a little button and usually has a small D on it

Buy - the receiving of a card from the dealer

Buy in - the amount of money it requires to get into a game, it is the money available to bet in the game

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