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Poker Glossary A

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Known as an ABC player, this is someone whose game is totally predictable. Often winning at low stakes games, these kinds of players are easily beaten by those with slightly more experience. ABC players are obvious to spot as they play each game according to an established routine.

An Ace High refers to a hand without any significant cards. An ace high hand has no pairs or flushes, however its highest card is an ace. In this case an Ace High hand beats other unranked hands

Action refers to the stakes involved in playing poker. A game that contains a lot of action alludes to the vast sums of money being played.

Advertise is a type of strategy of poker playing. It involves, at first, not playing very high stakes and only calling when you are certain to win. This allows you, later on, to call with nothing, or to bluff, and the other players will be convinced that you hold a strong hand.

Aggressive play refers to the games where betting and raising continuously escalate

Also known as Blackjack or the Aussie Jewel, AJAX is the definition given to the starting hand that contains both and ace and a jack.

Often during a poker game you come across players without fear, even when their hand is short-stacked. Alligator blood refers to the cases when these types of players win, especially when they have been playing in a game for a long time, even though their hand is not competitive.

All in occurs in a game where a player bets all his or her chips into the pot at once, in doing so she or he declares him/-herself 'all in'.

A starting hand containing two aces (AA) is known as American Airlines . It is also called Pocket Rockets or Rockets.

Angling is a strategy of poker play where a player purposely, but seemingly accidentally, attempts to play his turn before it is due. By doing this other players may react by not betting or by folding as the anglers actions is perceived as eagerness associated with a strong hand. When eventually it does reach his turn, often the angler dismisses betting, or may even win because the other players decided to fold. A player who attempts to use this tactic constantly is known as an angle shooter.

Ante is a type of poker tax. It refers to the small number of chips placed into the pot prior to each hand commencing.

A poker room that contains a lot of fish in it is known as an Aquarium

Auto Blind - online poker term, usually a button that be be turned on and left on that will automatically post the small or big blind

Auto Muck - online poker term, usually a button that can be turned on or off that will automatically muck your cards without showing them .

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